finally, some good news:

:ume: is droppin tonight

once again heals the timeline

watching healyn get flustered in the wee hours of the morning is a cultural delicacy

ok, hanging up the art tools for the duration of the evening

gonna relax and enjoy hours while they last

communicating with friends over steam via nothing but emotes and stickers at 2am because we're horrible night gremlins is culture

drug weed drug 

*taking a long hit off my pipe and when i exhale the smoke forms words*

expanding beyond the limitations of gw2's guild emblem options for the sake of properly capturing the spirit of

meetup at our guild hall, next to the weird meaty tailbone of a zombie dragon I put there yesterday

The song night moves is about being up late and posting

Just a nugget of trivia for ya

is like that group in a JRPG that all the normie town NPCs warn you to stay away from because they do unspeakable things under the cover of darkness

then a side plot leads you to meet them and they're just having fun among themselves and have cool outfits


hi. i'm extinct. i'm a bat. i'm a queer (enby/agender), 30-something, mixed Japanese & Native American. i'm also a communist, and a virgo.

i'm an illustrator & comic artist. i draw OCs, fanart, furry, creepy, cute & weird stuff. i also do lewd art.

i stream my art a few days a week.

i tend to shitpost a lot.

commissions usually open.

i own/run and i rep

if you wanna post pics of blatant daytime shit under at least slap a layer of blue over it to make it day for night lol

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