discord is better than the fedi but only if you're cool enough

you'll hear a lot about nightcrew and daycrew (sometimes colloquially called morning crew)

here's what you need to know:

applies to where you are, so if you're mostly up, active, and alert when it's night time where you live, that's nightcrew, even if it's 10am for most of the rest of the fedi

nightcrew is about chillin and being harmlessly weird when normies are snoozin, that's all

do you like shirts and mousepads and stickers with weird art on them??

WELL redbubble is having a 20% of everything sale and i have stuff up on redbubble!

use code SHOPTEMBER at checkout

:redbubble: redbubble.com/people/skogul/sh

also big apologies to and fedi in general i guess but lol lately i've mostly been keeping to my discord server and twitch

like, i'm around, just not paying a lot of attention to masto

ah, it's 5am and flowless is still on it

lives babey

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Red Room

R E D R O O M is a small, private instance geared toward goth weirdoes, artists and creatives, run by a queer PoC. Unofficial home of nightcrew, a roost for the bats of the fediverse.


Better red than dead.