Let Her Hold You YCH

$40 usd

Human or anthro OK

Your character does not have to be from elden ring/soulsborne

Minimal to moderate shading, background/scene included but will not be changed

Form to reserve a slot: forms.gle/3wxzrqp53TnqeTAU6

420 is coming up, time for new avatars!

:gay_weed: $24 each!
:gay_weed: Any species, any gender!
:gay_weed: Pick your own bong color!
:gay_weed: Humanoid and furry OK!

Reserve your slot using the form:


Year of the Tiger avatars~

🐯 $25 each
🐯 Any character/species
🐯 Flat color (possible accent shading)
🐯 Unlimited slots

Reserve slots with this form:



:coffee_mug: $20 USD each
:coffee_mug: Any species
:coffee_mug: Unlimited slots

These are done using a limited palette and as "floating" head shots (no body/neck) to sort of simulate latte foam art

Use the form below to reserve a slot:


☃️ Snowball Fight ❄️
Winter avatars

2 versions to choose from
$25 usd each

Any character
Any species
Clothes and accessories OK
Background included (will not be changed)
Flat color only

Use the form to reserve a slot: forms.gle/L8Ye3SZ9qARKbSNb8


suikawari (スイカ割り) is a summertime tradition of hitting watermelons with a stick or pole to crack them open to eat and enjoy.

you may have seen it in a beach episode of your favorite anime.

$35 USD

🍉 Any species! Any outfit!
🍉 Human or anthro OK!
🍉 One character only!
🍉 Background is included (I will not edit the background or scene)!

reserve a slot~

paypal: forms.gle/QZwMsgsJp3vJXSmCA

commissio: commiss.io/listings/AgXl

Bubblebath (quasi-lewd) YCH

🛁 $35 USD
🛁 Full color, shaded
🛁 Any species
🛁 Any gender

1 slot, first come - first serve


(if you prefer to use paypal, let me know through the commissio listing and i'll do an offsite invoice)


$20 USD

Any character
Any gender
Any species
Furry and non-Furry 🆗

These will be open through February 2020!

Paypal: forms.gle/baytBVrQe3opUkX8A

Commissio: commiss.io/listings/3Qdx

:patreon: patreon.com/extinctinks :patreon:

i will no longer be taking avatar after tomorrow, June 25th.

i know pride month is almost over, but if you still wanted to snag a slot, now is your last chance~


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