smashing a freshly brewed coffee over my head and howling in honour of's first night shift

i changed flowless's password. taking suggestions on how he can obtain it from me

i hope the dankwraith imposter will find peace

ok i added a bunch of people off memory and it's almost bedtime go follow @sunflower

kinda in love with the new instance honestly maybe the mastohost price hike wasn't entirely a bad thing

showin of my sick new instance like one would show off a new car

i like the notes i leave myself on instance suspensions sometimes

racism, but in french

fash, but italian flavored

???: Life is like a complex puzzle, and those who enjoy solving puzzles have fun, and those who stop solving puzzles don't progress and don't have fun.

🐟me: blub blub

hey does anyone have a invite

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Red Room

R E D R O O M is a small, private instance geared toward goth weirdoes, artists and creatives, run by a queer PoC. Unofficial home of nightcrew, a roost for the bats of the fediverse.


Better red than dead.