just want to be clear that i am white latine and i am grateful to the myass community for letting me be a guero on here

@Red @BDA that and the majority of my artist and furry friends/peers are over there so... yeah :( it's not great

@dankwraith damn i'm gonna have to contact support and see if i can get my knzk character restored

@BDA seriously

i mean i'm still active on twitter and i wish i weren't

#BogTalk2020 ok folks we're seeing an upward trend with our new #GoblinWeek strategy, and #ass is doing better than ever going into our fourth quarter.

not to harp too long on this but if you do for some reason follow me or interact with me on twitter and i see you're bitching about how much masto sucks there while pretending everything's hunky-dory over here on the fedi, know that i see you. know that i'm gonna remember that.

@Ophillous perfectly fine. go ahead and sign up, i'll approve

If we mufos and you're leaving cryptids, redroom is open

Never gonna pretend I'm anything other than a white Latine. It's why I'm so mouthy about white folks, both Anglo and otherwise. I can get away with shit folks with more melanin cannot, so I might as well use that to take some hits for em when they need me to.

@dankwraith who's this about? is it about me? who is it! aaaaaa what's happening

the fediverse is like a relationship

fights and arguments happen, and serve as a way to (ideally) work through issues that need to be worked through for the better of the community

if you want to stay and work through it and become better, thus contributing to a better community, that's great

if you don't want to put the work in and just expect to coast on the good times while denouncing the rough times, it's prolly for the best that you break up with us and leave

and take your shit with you

anger, feta (fediverse meta) 

anger, feta (fediverse meta) 

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