“update java”? sure, i’ll have another cup

i love it when i look someone up to block them after getting some info that they're not worth interacting with and i find out past me already did it

@velexiraptor i thought this was a dookie encased in a fancy container for a sec

we're continuing into twin peaks: the return tonight at 8pm eastern

come join us as we fire up s3e11


Moisturized 💅🏻 Vaccinated 💅🏻 In my lane 💅🏻 Just took a huge dump 💅🏻 Thriving 💅🏻

the only feature i want on mastodon is for the ability to have celery man sequences pop up on my tab when i type in celery man or tayne or nude tayne

my box of n95s should be here later today. irrationally stoked for disposable masks, but until most people start masking up again, i don't trust a few layers of cloth

i'm actually playing monster hunter but that's not as funny

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putting on a khaki vest, picking up a butterfly net, and walking into the woods to capture this majestic beast.

imagine not acting like a shitty piss baby when someone asks you to take responsibility for your little crevice of the fediverse

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