one of the clients who commissioned a tattoo flash from me got it inked and it looks hella good

cw for fresh tattoo

MRPG classes
- powerdad
- gothtwink
- genderhacker
- fosslock
- antifa leader
- housedruid
- cloutwitch
- replyguy
- furbarian
- shitwizard

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anyone know why my money cheat isn't working?

i've been typing rosebud and motherlode but i'm still poor


just put in some time giving my kitchen an overdue cleaning. not done, but it's better than it was.

ok actual birthday selfie I promise 

and a merry Rico day to you, too

@sobsz nah you can "play" dice, darts, and hoops with emoji on telegram

@gonz0 understandable. you can also just pray however/to whomstever you want without joining any religion. off-grid prayer

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