Mastodon software question 

@dumpsterqueer @stolas ahhh, it's one of those secret menu toggles

Mastodon software question 

@stolas not as far as i know or mastohost instances would likely have it and we do not

guessing i've done a pretty good job of suspending shitty instances because i haven't seen any pleroma fuckery on my own feed

RE village spoiler 

@basicbishoujo she gets hotter, you'll see

RE village spoiler 

tall lady gets hotter later on

@geesehoward ikr? how conceited of them to assume you waste time thinking about them

@geesehoward plus every single person who's ever had even the most minor gripe about you would flip the fuck out claiming you were doing a block evasion just to bully them lol

my instance suspension list has grown significantly this week

i am gonna carry the weight of my heavy ass balls

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