pers, money - 

@Hi_cial pretty much! cursed number

pers, money - 

i hate money

i hate the fact survival depends on bullshit fake numbers you have to literally sell yourself to acquire

i hate that a difference of $400 a month is enough to send me into an anxiety attack because i fear for my ability to afford to survive and keep my family fed, clothed, and sheltered

@brogepi diarrhea is like a storm, raging inside you

@revolverocelot @georgespolitzer @witchy i eventually did all versions of the penguin slide but not after getting real gamer mad and shutting the game off in a huff at least twice

@georgespolitzer @witchy in nat's defense, some of those world objectives are hard

i got frustrated more than a few times when i went through mario64 back in the day

@Moot @thatwingsy @Pawdraig I'd high five y'all fellow olds but it might hurt my joints

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