@scoots i must've missed it in the shuffle of my timelines, but i've seen it now!! :hausu:

Queer Eye but it's five crooked detectives planting false evidence

Queer Eye but it's five unions agring to contract negotiations

guilting people to vote democrat? what the hell site do you think you're on dude

emblem i did for my clan in flight rising cuz i'm a dingus who plays dragon breeding/collecting/dressup games despite being in my 30s

trebuchet terfs
but like
one of those faulty trebuchets that just slings them directly down into the ground at 150 mph

can i go to sleep for like 50 years then wake up just so i can die? seems like a life well lived if you ask me

Has anyone ever actually seen @Pepsi and Gary Oldman in the same place?

Makes you wonder.

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