Seeing some pushback at the idea that ALL Gab users are Nazis. Bull-shit. Unless you're a researcher who created an account specifically to observe Nazis, you're on there because you're a Nazi.

"Oh but I just joined because it respects free speech" - And what is it you're saying with that precious free speech?

You didn't join the KKK because you liked the uniforms, and you're not on Gab because you're a free speech advocate. Be real.

#gab #naziscumfuckoff

freelance artist culture is squeezing in an hour or two of video game while waiting for a response from a client

finally got my download code for bloodstained so prolly a good time to charge the switch

i will no longer be taking avatar after tomorrow, June 25th.

i know pride month is almost over, but if you still wanted to snag a slot, now is your last chance~

@citrustwee yeaaaah lmao, i have to do that scroll wheel jog every so often and it's not my favorite way to kill time

@citrustwee should be able to find it by scrolling back through your media tab on knzk. prolly gonna take a while tho

which Florence + The Machine song is your favorite

@Red the silent age was really enjoyable to me

if you're willing to spend money, monster hunter stories is available on android for 20bux and it's a good lil pokemon-ish monster hunter spinoff JRPG

if you ain't played the war of the lions version of FFT, it's on android for $15


new page! avamo's a bad teen who doesn't listen to he mom (not rly tho)

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