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everyone shut the fuck up its the giant rat who makes all of the rules

[sees a cop] disgusting. they shouldnt be out in public. how am i supposed to explain that to my kids

kale soup time is every time you sleep you'll have peaceful dreams.

PSA for newcomers:

On mastodon, unlike almost every other social media platform, we generally don't pay attention to following to follower ratios. Big leagueing is kinda frowned upon here, so don't be afraid to follow back or just follow anyone you find interesting. Go hog wild!

It's wild how moving to a different site means people talk to each other. I was on birdsite forever, friends with everyone on a Facebook clone pony roleplay website, and Tumblr once upon a time, and I was lucky if I got one good conversation there in a month. I forgot online could be good.


here's one of my OCs, Lance

he's the vocalist of a mathcore band and he likes to skate (as seen below)


Hey! i'm doop and i'm an artist from tumblr (doopcity). Im 25 and a rly gay guy who draws cute furry men. i have a huge amount of art to upload here, so you'll probably be seeing it. Some of it is nsfw but i'll cw appropriately

other than that? i rly like music (mathcore, some tech death, metalcore, emo, punk, grunge, post-hardcore idk the genre names of them all). i play some games but not all.

so far my stay here has been rly positive and i'm excited for the future

when you think about it, the communist manifesto was the original dank meme

Got my pencil brush working, still trying to get the rest of my lining and rendering brushes back in order after the last procreate update. This is proving to be a good little test piece. Getting there.

Spite is the most powerful driving force in the universe. That, and being fully hornt.

I posted this on my first day at .social and will post it on every instance I jump to probably

(credit to @extinct for the phone weasel art)

Boost if you love your Motherfuckers!

retoot my sona or ill fucking sting you . thanks love you

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