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i hate to say but sometimes it truly is miller time

Kramer: [bursts into the room] Jerry! I—

Jerry: [shoots Kramer dead]

SCENE: The camera pans out, displaying Jerry, entrenched in a fort constructed of his home's furnishings, wielding a hunting rifle. Mounds of instances of Kramer, each subtly different and each dead, litter the room.

Kramer: [bursts into the room] Jerry! I—

Jerry: [shoots Kramer dead]

lotta people talkin about so here's my lala

i don't play anymore and haven't in almost a year now but they were cute

avoid getting suspended on tw***er by deactivating your account.

im glad that we're finally calling it the Mastodon Bloop Sound and not the Mastodon Boop Sound, its not a Boop its a Bloop, its two notes!!!

ok so, looking back, @peemobil has always been the realest one. since day one.

programming folk: intense, long-standing feud over the technical minutiae and internal workings of the Fediverse

me (liberal arts major): when a person likes my post and the website go "bloop" it makes my brain feel good

it's not about the helldudes we met alonmg the way, but the helldude that was inside us all along!

[sees girl reading The Conquest of Bread]

"Ah I love that book. The way he just [clenches fist] conquers all that frickin bread."

apologies for linking to the birdsite but my best friend and her roommate adopted an elderly cat only to find out she has cancer. they're taking donations to help pay for some of the costs of treatment since her outlook is actually good! her roommate is also doing little doodles for donations. if you can donate, THANK YOU!!!!! if you could please boost, though, that'd mean the world to me, them, and GOGO!

Jazz👋 hands 👋 between 👋 words 👋 is 👋 funnier 👋 than👋 claps 👋


If you are a newcomer and unsure about the Fediverse: Follows and Boosts are actually beneficial for your entire instance. Your instance can only "see" content of an out-of-instance account if someone is following that account. So a vast network of followers will improve the local search, and the instance's "global timeline" for everyone.

I especially like to follow people who also boost interesting posts. Because that's a good way to exchange content between instances...

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