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i think i'm gonna attempt it again this year, make a proper stencil instead of freehanding it and maybe use a bigger pumpkin or one of those carvable artificial pumpkins so it won't turn into a sunken moldy heap

They here and they look great.

I just need to get supplies for mailing and I'll open them up to y'all. They'll be $5 for people in the US, including shipping.

I'll have to look into shipping internationally, or if anyone has advice for that, I'm open to it.

this is an example of what the bat adopts/base i'm working on will be like. a little less cartoony, gonna do a variety of bat types, some real, some less real

if the thought of a community defending itself against racism and transphobia is worrisome to you, you are probably a racist or transphobe. just using my powers of logical deduction here

#artTips about mindset re: art

🤨usually your taste will always exceed your skill; so called perfection is an ever-moving target and unachieveable (unless you decide to become complacent, which is OK too), so don’t beat yourself up for not being good enough

🧐reflect on why you make art and whether you are still staying true to your intentions; it’s easy to get side tracked or lose sight of why you even started in the first place

marking the Dr. Bronner's label as To-Read on Goodreads

someday these self indulgent drawings of my ocs will make sense to more than like 5 people on the planet

valid to be a huge fucking idiot and a fuck up

i've got either bad allergies or a mild cold so i don't want to put makeup on for work but i kinda have to because i'm a snuffly, red-nosed, dark eye circled mess


in our defense: we're half-siblings that are 12 years apart and grew up timezones away from one another so we're not suuuuuuper close

sending guilty emails to your brother over a year since you last communicated because you're both really bad at keeping in touch and only bother to email if there's something worth emailing a bout is a mood

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