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Sunset Crew making the transition to Night Crew

how is libertarianism still a thing lmao, my god, watch robocop.

thinking about the superflat movement

thinking about satoshi kon

thinking about how we're all much poorer since his passing

Queer and trans people of colour (#QTPOC), how do you feel about the LGBT flag with the black and brown stripe included?

(I've attached an image in the next post in case that helps!)

#Pride #Poll

Finally got the typewriter working and in doing so created a kind of abstract poem

Ok. Enough about ya'll

Let's talk about ya'll'll


congrats on your new career as an attack against someone

use telegram? want some stickers?

of course you do! they're free, why not!

most of them are drawn by me, a couple of the gomi ones are by my friend.

i add to most of these sets pretty often so the selections will expand over time, especially the AETF and mori ones

A set based on my comic:


Mori (batsona):

Gomi (tanuki fursona):

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