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frothing incel molecular biologist furiously attempting to obtain a DNA sample from bottled bath water to make his own gamer girl clones. Fevered and sweating like a classic mad scientist, he begins throwing vials across the room.


this is actually kind of surprising. i was expecting twitch to be the preferred art stream platform.

welp, that decides it. i'll be sticking with picarto for art streams.

now my goal is to make enough every month on patreon that i can upgrade to picarto premium so i can do private nsfw and supporter-only streams

holy shit the new lion king looks so boring.

visually impressive, sure, but there's no style; no life. it may as well just be an animation test

ugh, i'm so close to burning out at my job. customers have gotten significantly worst in the last 6 or so months and it's just not fucking worth what i make.

if you watch art streams, where do your prefer to see them?

including which platform allows NSFW content because that might be important to some

petition to rename crews on here to krews because i think its funny

mods burst into my dms with nightsticks. bashing my boogers out of my brain for self boosting. they leave a card: “too much timeline clutter -eugen” but i can’t read. they beat that out of me 40 minutes ago

want to see some big unnaturals. wanna see tiddy that looks non-euclidean

enby tip: if your gender starts solidifying just stir it a little

Hulk Rogan: let me tell you about DMT brother

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