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mild take opinion 


Hi I'm new here! I'm going to slowly be posting my oc art and maybe try talking about them too :o)

semi-official fursonas:

frogs & toads

the year is 2069. every citizen is assigned a government selected fursona at birth

If I ever say "not all men" I am specifically talking about Guy Fieri :flavortown:

:flavortown: hey buddy thats a pretty nice chicken marsala youve got there but let's put a little donkey sauce on it

ohhh so my coworker can brag about how "New born daughter'' but if I show off my new fursona art I"M the WEIRD O

all I wanna do is


and enjoy my timeline

keep furry weird, BUT normalize literally every single person having telegram

@realmaxkeeble if you use this website and aren't furry trans queer or all 3 after like 8 months i am genuinely confused how you are alive

this was lost to the knzk purge but remember when I said sometime last year that in 6 months everyone on this site would have a fursona and then 6 months to the day after that post hyperlink pivoted to openly furry

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