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how to celebrate National Boss's Day 2019 (Wed. October 16) 

fuck jobs fuck america

you ever seen how much sodium salt has in it... fucked up

too much of online witch "culture" is centered around petty-bourgoise "small business-owner" capitalist nonsense, dangerous crypto-antivaxer "homeopaths", and fake "feminists" who venerate rather than dismantle the gender binary & "traditional" womanhood

i want queer communist anti-imperialist witchcraft. i want a blending of witchcraft with dialectical & historical materialism into a witch's "liberation theology" that emphasizes a scientific approach to herbal & traditional medicine, & encourages combining ritual, magic & praxis

all sports team mascots are fursonas

sorry, i don't make the rules

tfw you get trapped in another dimension and meddle in the affairs of cosmic entities and balances you can't even begin to comprehend and end up kinda fixing things but also making a much worse alternate timeline you can't do anything about

thinking about twin peaks logposting and some of the stupid memes i made back when i used fb

david lynch is the only person on the planet to achieve eudaimonia

The IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) have an important message for you at work this Monday:


Respect yourselves, protect yourselves

The hours are long,
the pay is small,
so take your time,
and buck them all.


Did your boss work for every penny of his paycheck, or is some of that coming from your labor? Remember that the next time you think about "working hard:" you aren't paid for all the work you do anyway; why give away more for free?

Twitter admits email address and phone number given for security purposes was used for targeted ads

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