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Hey I'm just :che: cking up on you, everything okay?

if you want to know what i sound like just imagine zalgo text in audio form

my recent bat piece is now up on various things you can buy with money

ever wanna step on me when you get outta the bath tub? now you can!

the plot of monster hunter from what i have gathered so far is that there are some monsters that can beat up other monsters

Using Lists on Mastodon (1/2) 

I recently discovered the Lists feature, and it has really improved my Fedi experience. I figure if it took me this long, some of you must also still be unaware: if you're following a lot of people and your TL is dizzying, Lists are the fix!

You can separate out groups like:
- friends you wanna keep up with
- good but very frequent posters
- lewd accounts
- shitposters
- news
- art and/or writing
and then just look at whatever you're in the mood for!

waiting for the last of my nailpolish to finish chipping off so i can paint my nails again without subjecting them to remover first

sure do wish paypal would stop fucking deadnaming people

While the world’s 370 million indigenous peoples make up less than five percent of the total human population, they manage or hold tenure over 25 percent of the world’s land surface and support about 80 percent of the global biodiversity

Original tweet :

if I succumb to the great fediverse snoutsification I’ve got an avatar all lined up now #mastoart

Bubblebath (quasi-lewd) YCH

🛁 $35 USD
🛁 Full color, shaded
🛁 Any species
🛁 Any gender

1 slot, first come - first serve

(if you prefer to use paypal, let me know through the commissio listing and i'll do an offsite invoice)

Mr. Rooter was my father. Please, call me Turd

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