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He may in fact be standing behind you right now and you should be aware of this. #healynawarenessweek

where is healyn, you ask?

i have no idea

but i'm sure wherever he is, he's probably vibin

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all this means is be aware of healyn, acknowledge the existence of healyn and know that he's there, somewhere, right now

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be sure to check your healyn for a maker's mark and a certificate of authenticity

don't get duped by a counterfeit healyn

i'm having to start my collection of amusing character and guild names from GW2 over again, i lost my screencaps when i upgraded to win10

Bill Murray signed up for the Garfield movie because he thought Joel Coen, of the Coen Brothers, was the writer; however, the writer was Joel Cohen, the man who wrote Toy Story and Cheaper by the Dozen. He still did the movie. And the sequel.

Original tweet :

People choosing their own name are pretty fucking cool what an absolute monarch move

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a good sex scene in a movie

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