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PSA: anything going on between myass and anyone else honestly is no one's business except the parties involved

if you ain't one of those parties, you don't need to know. nevermind, go about your business, it's not about or for you.

there is only room in my brain and heart for animal crossing

spanish speakers of all levels are welcomed to participate in tootear de mierda

Two households (r/cumtown and r/chapotraphouse), both alike in dignity, In fair Reddit, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean


i want boba

i want iced coffee

i want boba iced coffee

i keep my private alt on my own instance so i won't forget my where i came from

sometimes i wonder who secretely dislikes me, and quickly realize probably no one because im perfect

have we gotten to the point where myass is getting called out by someone who was literally complicit in everything they accuse myass of doing, of being shitty, of being toxic, emotionally abusive, and manipulative when they didn't get their way?

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Red Room

R E D R O O M is a small, private instance geared toward goth weirdoes, artists and creatives, run by a queer PoC. Unofficial home of nightcrew, a roost for the bats of the fediverse.


Better red than dead.