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he's going
🔘 the distance
🔘 for speed

there will be #STREAM today.

#miniature making! final details for the wizard studio. who's with me? should start around 1330UTC and go on for 2-3 hours depending on how hungry i get. so you can do that following thing to get notified and whatnot. also to make me look cool and full of followers.

I think we're due for an update on the myasstodons in the ball of bases

it was the best of times, it was the cromulent fuckcrustable of times.

radiation is super cool actually. one might go so far as to say its rad

also lmfao i didn't try to end the stream at 4:20 it just happened that way

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woo, went on a lil long tonight cuz it's easy to lose track of time in grim dawn

ty everyone who stopped by, everyone who subscribed and followed, and especially @nutt for being my 69th follower lol

stream might start a bit late cuz dinner's cooking and we haven't ate yet

JO crystals - charged
Bripe - warming
Timeline - federated

i dont know exactly how i managed to poison the entire fediverse with nine mens morris posting but here we are

my car got blown up in my driveway, they found a single e-ink paper note on the ground near the ashes, it said "regards from Stuttgart"

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