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ok, i posted art for the day

crawling back into my bat crevice until stream time, bye

one time i bit right through dankwraith's laptop charger cable because they weren't getting up to feed me breakfast fast enough. that's the kind of energy i will be bringing to running this instance

i have a fish now

he is a black orchid betta. was thinking of naming him ohgr but honestly im not sure haha

lets test the performance of the federation's new emoji :zaku:

ok, anyhow, i finished a commission today, gonna play mhw for a bit and chill then it's time to work on more commissions tomorrow byebye

What people think #NightCrew is: spooky horror nerds posting horror stories and creepy pics

What #NightCrew actually is: A goblin and a vampire have been talking about anime for 3 hours straight and now it's 4 AM and neither of them are going to bed

i hope the folks who needed to have learned the time-honored lesson that you never touch the poop, because sometimes the poop will touch back

Trump is not a true poster because he has, clearly, never been banned from a forum before.

really feeling the radiant warmth of Hospitaliano lately

I don't just mean on fedi. If you don't like someone, but don't normally interact with them or share a social circle, there's no reason you should be seeking them out on twitter, tagging them into conversations or chats, or gifting them subscriptions on twitch.

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Just wanna put this it there that if I ever find out someone on redroom is antagonizing someone for shits and giggles, I'll ban and block them from every space I have the power to so fast they won't have time to open their notes app to peck out an apology.

It's one thing to argue with someone during meta, or post your take, or even joke around in your own space, but do not seek someone you don't like out, or fucking tag them in, even as a joke.

more FFT tonight~ making our way toward the finale of chapter 3, and hunting for some dragons

more FFT tonight~ making our way toward the finale of chapter 3, and hunting for some dragons

the internet was a miraculous invention ensuring that for the first time in history the flowless alts could communicate with each other instantaneously

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