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this might be because i haven't really had a meal yet today lol

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*disembodied floating Flowless head looks directly at viewer*

Getting one of those ASMR mics to cronch dry ziti into

back in 2017 i made a tony hawk logo template and took requests to make shitposts with it, and fuck it i want to do it again so tell me what you want to see on a tony hawk logo and i'll make your dream a reality

before i do anything i'm gonna need to draft up some examples

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OOOH, what if i opened a regular monthly sketch tier at between $10-$15/mo and then i also opened a spicy/nsfw sketch tier at like $20?

in case some folks want smutty sketches

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the problem is... i dunno what to price it at. i don't do sketch commsisions so i'm not sure what's fair to set it at. $10? $12? $15?

i guess any of those is valid depending on the amount of time/detail i wanna put into the sketches, but they're such a jump from my normal tiers ($1, $2, and $3/mo lol)

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considering opening up a patreon tier where supporters get a sketch commission (kind of rough lines, no color or just a single color wash over the whole thing) every month


took a shower but i've been thinking about a big bowl of udon, or a nice salmon nabe with generous amounts of shichimi sprinkled on top and i think i need to drop the seasoning bit cuz my stomach is growling

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Don't be shocked by the tone of my voice.
Check out my new gender...
Gender of choice.

i am unironically so down with this bit because im learning about cool new spices

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