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if you are making a fan project of a nintendo IP literally do not announce it until release date and then the cease and desist won't fuck you over because people can distribute your shit via torrent.

the fact that i'm the same age as jet black from cowboy bebop haunts me

i like it when cats meow but no sound comes out

watching the new half in the bag and some other random shit

yes, i just played an epic 4 hour session of Monster Hunter. Am I going back for more? Probably

you can see the dick, and any other dicks i draw, on my patreon lol

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*slapping a wide load sign on flowless while he moves shit around his house*

i have finished moving heavy things and have earned 35 XP in my Himbo Skill Tree

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time to have my himbo dimensions exploited for moving heavy things

if you were to scroll down on the image there's a dick out

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