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flowless has fave and boost notifs on oh fuck

🐶 eye contact 

woof woof 2 but with hot cheeto lip stain

theres no air conditioning vent in my bathroom so i call it the hotbox when im shitting in here

oops, i dropped my turd, can you get that for me?

Dry Dick Wet Eyeballs is the name of a Morrisey song right?

boosting flowless' posts to hear cumbia on stream

bagel goose is a nasty ass dragon once someone mentioned its little bombs were skin tags. i straight up cannot unsee it

im drafting these toots while im pooping thats how you know they are good

nothin personnel kid

sends anonymous report to your instance

basically, im gonna hit the timeline with one of those little combs and the shampoo and we are gonna be alright

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