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second chance vs magnum force

part of the surviving edged weapons cinematic universe

i’m gonna take this pug for a walk

give flowless money, he's a great guy

Come on through y'all! We're kicking off this brand new warband tonight, get in on the ground floor.

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gonna watch surviving edged weapons and sabrina at the same time

come to my discord in the next 10 minutes if u want a ass kicking (with a blue baseball cap with razors sewn into it)

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anyone wanna watch surviving edged weapons with me?

i'm the only one awake in my house and i'm bored

dipshit carl sagan voice: where the pee is stored

psa i guess suspend if you haven't already

usual reasons

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@extinct I'm gonna pretend that dan is the kid going up in the bezos rocket

i love xenogears to death, but they certainly made some design choices

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also now reminded that rico (second from the left) is a very large man with a very small ass

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