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Okay so my sibling made me the coolest fucking birthday present! This is a painting they made inspired by my favorite novel, Dead Astronauts

what they dont want you to know about 9/11 

its what they left out in this FOI document that says the most

How to Cure Arthritis in Your Feet: Can Natural Remedies Help?

*picks up an exquisitely handcrafted quill pen, dipping it into a carved crystal inkwell, and, after a lamentful sigh, slowly and deliberately crosses flowless' name from the nightcrew roster*

never look a gift horse in the worm are we still doing these


🍬 $25 USD each
🍬 Furry or Human - any species
🍬 Flat Color only
🍬 Includes background (will not be changed)
🍬 3 varieties to choose from - TRICK, TREAT, and PUMPKIN

Sleep time, got invoices to send out later

a squirrel flew a plane into two trees outside my house and now my allergies are really bad, 9/11 never forget

everyone talks about their 9/11 memories, comparing recollections about where they were when the towers got hit.

and my story isn't that interesting because i was asleep in a mid-morning nap when all that shit happened. i had woken up SUPER early that morning for work to plant a bunch of thermite charges around building 7, and then immediately crawled back into bed when i got home. 😌 💤

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