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@zorotl yes, please resub to my twitch channel, you can get the smh emote

nightcrew discord, if you're not already there (why wouldn't you be, it's the best server on dicsord)

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we're watching the adventures of the baron munchausen (and more of fargo s1 afterward)

8pm eastern in the nightcrew discord

It's recently come to my attention that there are members of this webbed site that have not seen my big dumb fuzzy idiot child and that's a crime, honestly.

makima chainsaw man :levar_dislike:

majima yakuza series :levar_like:

learn the difference

i like to think of myself as the landlord of this instance. *girls get mad at me* sorry sorry i'm trying to delete it

the kwisatz haderach of posting is the one who will be able to to wield the powers of both epic and cringe simultaneously

I used to be an empath but I wasn’t really feeling it

stop treating nonbinary like its a cooldown period while you "figure some stuff out" and decide you're binary and will transition along more traditional styles and presentations.

beg post, pls boost 

i am... exhausted
amazon decided to charge my debit card instead of my store card, sending my bank account from $500+ to $20. i was on the phone with support for 2 hours today, being lied to before finally being told they cant do shit to fix their mistake.
i need to gather up at least $75 for my car insurance by the 19th in order for it to not lapse. If you can donate, I'd be forever grateful.

cash: @jonasan
venmo: @makeritualnoise

beg post, pls boost 

if you would rather get a commission, please see my pinned toot for commission prices.
anything above the 75 i need for my car insurance will go towards groceries and my car payment that i had to postpone.
if you have any questions please feel free to dm me here, on tele @makeritualnoise, or on discord Jonasan#6976

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i just want to thank everyone who has donated in the last day. thanks to you, i won't lose my car insurance and i now have food for my large adult son and myself, with enough to do the laundry i desperately need to do. so from the absolute bottom, the ultimate cockles of my heart, thank you. im so joyous that i belong to such a wonderful community of funny, brilliant, and revolutionary people.

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oh hey i'm already seeing fedi people suggested to me

algorithms suck but tiktok is at least throwing stuff i LIKE at me

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