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ok, well, now that kiddo's medical thing is done and didn't run into any issues, a major source of stress and anxiety for me for the last almost 2 months is gone so i can get back to work

*drinking coffee*

think i'm gonna treat myself to a nap

how long until a novelty sex toy company makes a stroker or cockring modeled after the black hole pics

@extinct We were supposed to have four buttcheeks instead of two. A whole-assed human.

kiddo: what is "half-ass"?

me: *explains what half-ass means*

kiddo: what if god just half-assed humans?

me: :thunk:

all the apes gone, like tears in the rain.


it's nice to see people enjoying my vtube studio assets

Astronomers have just captured the first picture of the Milky Way's very own supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*.

Sag A* is located a mere 27,000 LY from here (the previous black hole image was taken of a black hole 55 million LY away by comparison). The ring of superheated plasma as seen here is about the size of the orbit of Venus.

Parenting -medical 

we may have cried a little bit

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Parenting -medical 

you don't realize how unsettling and worrying it is to watch the lights go out in your child's eyes while they're taking breaths of the sleepy gas until you experience it yourself

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Parenting -medical 

Kiddo had a dental procedure done that required general anesthesia. It was nerve wracking but it's fine and we're home now.

Kiddo is napping to sleep off the residual wooziness and bit of nausea from the meds

im gonna climb up the warehouse racks and take a nap in the upper racks

i don't usually play the minigames in yakuza that are actual legitimate games because the last time i did that a homeless man dumpstered me four times in a row in shogi

today i was validated at work when i asked my coworker: have you ever see british beans? and he just lost his shit talking about how nasty that shit looks

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