watching majin obama run through Dark Souls was probably the funniest shit i have ever seen, i remember one night he was stuck on Gargoyles for like 8 hours but he beat them finally and i was hollering at like 4am

the fucking chat were complete dipshits the whole time though, it was fucked up

this reminds me of when me and the homies gathered around a fucked up PS3 and did this with demons souls

majin obama is my favorite streamer. he's a fighting game dude who used to live in the US but moved to JAPAN for the love of the game. Dudes a fixture in the community and a great commentator

he has some cool videos on that youtube channel where he tours arcades in Japan. he's always raising money for events and stuff over there too since a lot of the Arcades over there are being hit hard by Covid

@flowless coming out of the asylum demon while hollow saying "do i get lotion at the end of this"? LMFAO

@flowless also that might be the funniest screen name i've ever seen lol

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