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not to get political but here’s a feet pic

"steroids is actually like really fucking good" - @geet

Nappa tooting "it's over 69,420!!!" and Vegeta trying to toot "nice" but the toot can't send

lo-fi hip hop geets to chill and crash the masto web interface to [PISS 69420 CHAR]

You know what's fucked up? You see folks straight vibing but you never see folks queer vibing

Geet should get a 0 day bounty for the piss post

it's the year of our lord 2020 and software still cannot cope with long strings

@heartles i dont know what the error was, i'll tell the people that posted about the technical aspects of the post that they should submit a bug issue

for a brief shining moment, #pisscrew had their ultimate victory and shut down the website with piss

#imwithgeet and that's my alibi for the night of the crime

Is a geet not entitled to the piss of their own balls?

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