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i'm as much an art communist as i am a communist in all other aspects of my life

seize the means of making art and getting paid fairly for what you make

putting together a database of the users of this website who are "on some shit"

None of the restaurant's guests understand the concept of "locked" and how when doors are it, they don't open, no matter how many times you yank

:yell: nothiiings the loudest sound

In a house when no one's arouound :yell:

FUCK why am I not watching movies. What the hell

"True Detective" implies the existence of a "False Detective"

If knzk was a place, it would have been like a hey Arnold-esque boardhouse of an incredibly nice man in Tokyo that was spacious and comfortable but done using a future on-the-cheap holograph-based building material that failed every once in a while so you’d clip through furniture and trying to cook would involve distractingly long lag

on boundaries and responding to them 

how do cats manage to be so cute when they also have scary snake eyes

@kioskwitch it’s finally cold enough for me to justify breaking out my favorite cardigan and I am buzzing

im gonna kill the next fucker who misgenders an enby in my mentions

old grocer guy sitting in a chair with his hands clasped together resting on his belly: all these pronouns. you don’t understand. i wanna use em, but my dental health. ahh. i’m in constant pain. these pronouns hurt me.


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