Inktober day 3 

Inktober day 4, "freeze" 

day 8, "frail"

not sure I'm happy with this but oh well

day 9, "swing"

Spent like one third of a cartridge on this

*covering my ears* you can't make me draw a person that's closer than 50 meters!!

Realizing now that tombstones have more than 2 dimensions, oh well

day 18, "misfit". Not really happy with it but at least it's done

Happy with this, it's not from the front or the side, I know theres no shadows but hey one thing at a time

The arms should've been all twirly and spiraly but it's FINE, the face is good and that's the part I was worried about

was this mostly an excuse to try out the new brush? yes, absolutely

It's not that I put less effort in it's just that the effort didn't result in something I like

Inktober day 4, "freeze" 

Inktober day 4, "freeze" 

@kioskwitch I'm a big fan of this door and the magical items surrounding it

@kioskwitch wow!!! this is really expressive... feels calm and beautiful with a hint of darkness... too me

@garfiald lmao it sounds like you're joking but I'm simply gonna assume you're not so ty

@kioskwitch with the vines it almost looks like it is 3d 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

@kioskwitch it's neat to think about how objects interact with other things so that we can't see all of it but our brains still auto-complete it

@kioskwitch unfortunately I can't draw worth a lick so it's only in my head

@kioskwitch you're confusing being completely unable to draw (me) with being able to make recognizable things (you), but I appreciate the solidarity

@SanfordianPhil it simply takes practice, I'm terrible at almost everything but I'm ok at finding ways around that sometimes

@checkervest thank you!! Im really happy with the last two, I feel like Im getting less bad at things and it feels great

@kioskwitch I love this!! The new brush works really well with your style

@checkervest Im glad you like it!! It is much better for covering large sections relatively evenly, which always looks good

@kioskwitch damn this is such an expressive response to the pront, it has a strong personality but it also opens up a wide space for the viewer to fill out, I dig it

@garfiald lmao I still feel like youre making fun of me but I *know* youre not, thank you very much

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