Inktober day 3 

Inktober day 4, "freeze" 

day 8, "frail"

not sure I'm happy with this but oh well

day 9, "swing"

Spent like one third of a cartridge on this

Realizing now that tombstones have more than 2 dimensions, oh well

day 18, "misfit". Not really happy with it but at least it's done

Happy with this, it's not from the front or the side, I know theres no shadows but hey one thing at a time

The arms should've been all twirly and spiraly but it's FINE, the face is good and that's the part I was worried about

was this mostly an excuse to try out the new brush? yes, absolutely

It's not that I put less effort in it's just that the effort didn't result in something I like

this ones kiiiiinda sloppy but Im still working on how to even use this brush, and also its gay so you dont get to complain

also no I will not learn how to draw actual people, in the mollyverse everyone is a femme in a nightgown and thats ok

theyre also all 50 meters away, conveniently

Should this have 15 times as much detail? Yes. Is it 7 in the morning? Also yes. You see the problem

october and inktober may be over but did you think that meant this thread would be? haha, of course not! im gonna do a bunch of old prompts just because I can

@kioskwitch wow!!! this is really expressive... feels calm and beautiful with a hint of darkness... too me

@garfiald lmao it sounds like you're joking but I'm simply gonna assume you're not so ty

@kioskwitch with the vines it almost looks like it is 3d 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

@kioskwitch it's neat to think about how objects interact with other things so that we can't see all of it but our brains still auto-complete it

@kioskwitch unfortunately I can't draw worth a lick so it's only in my head

@kioskwitch you're confusing being completely unable to draw (me) with being able to make recognizable things (you), but I appreciate the solidarity

@SanfordianPhil it simply takes practice, I'm terrible at almost everything but I'm ok at finding ways around that sometimes

@checkervest thank you!! Im really happy with the last two, I feel like Im getting less bad at things and it feels great

@kioskwitch I love this!! The new brush works really well with your style

@checkervest Im glad you like it!! It is much better for covering large sections relatively evenly, which always looks good

@kioskwitch damn this is such an expressive response to the pront, it has a strong personality but it also opens up a wide space for the viewer to fill out, I dig it

@garfiald lmao I still feel like youre making fun of me but I *know* youre not, thank you very much

@kioskwitch idk how i've missed all these! they're super cool

@truckfreak thank you! Im even happy with a lot of them

@kioskwitch oh it's super cool! They did a screening here with a live soundtrack and it was a lot of fun

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