@kioskwitch pretty well! Ive had a good week all things considered. How about you?

@truckfreak nice that's good to hear! I'm in a good mood and preparing breakfast

@kioskwitch pretty good! It's pleasantly chilly out and I'm gonna get a free treat this morning

@kioskwitch doing OK mostly! brain still recovering from a late night calculus class so im a bit out of it. hbu?

@noemi oh I hope it recovers soon! I'm doing pretty well, having some breakfast and reading which is fun

@noemi ten thousand doors of January! It's really nice so far

@kioskwitch good morning to you even though it is for sure not morning there

@pig it is currently 4:25pm but that's fine, it's effectively morning. How are you doing

@kioskwitch it is Headache Week for me, apparently, so: not awesome

how are you?

@pig oh noo I'm sorry :( I'm ok, enjoying some breakfast and being online


@kioskwitch that's a brand of chips in the US, so it reads to me like you had to ask a snacks purveyor if your cereal is legit


@pig it says cocoa under it so I guess that's what they're testing and approving


@kioskwitch o7 thank you for your service, utz


@kioskwitch @pig woah ive never seen chocolate müsli...


@em @pig wait really. I'm willing to believe this because you live somewhere else and I dont know what people eat there


@kioskwitch @pig yeah i don't know if we have it tbh? like müsli is big here but it's always just bits of fruit and nuts or whatever... we do have chocolatey flakes but just the fun kiddie kinds


@em @pig dang.. well this is like normal but with chocolate bits mixed in so adults don't feel bad about eating it I guess

@kioskwitch hi Molly!! I'm doing good 😊😊😊 how are you?

@bryn nice! Good to hear! I'm good, and looking forward to doing.. not much today

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