@kioskwitch pretty well! Ive had a good week all things considered. How about you?

@truckfreak nice that's good to hear! I'm in a good mood and preparing breakfast

@kioskwitch pretty good! It's pleasantly chilly out and I'm gonna get a free treat this morning

@kioskwitch doing OK mostly! brain still recovering from a late night calculus class so im a bit out of it. hbu?

@noemi oh I hope it recovers soon! I'm doing pretty well, having some breakfast and reading which is fun

@noemi ten thousand doors of January! It's really nice so far

@kioskwitch good morning to you even though it is for sure not morning there

@pig it is currently 4:25pm but that's fine, it's effectively morning. How are you doing

@kioskwitch it is Headache Week for me, apparently, so: not awesome

how are you?

@pig oh noo I'm sorry :( I'm ok, enjoying some breakfast and being online

@kioskwitch what's for breakfast at 4:30 in the PM?








@kioskwitch hi Molly!! I'm doing good 😊😊😊 how are you?

@bryn nice! Good to hear! I'm good, and looking forward to doing.. not much today

@kioskwitch ah I hope you have a relaxing afternoon/evening!!

@kioskwitch pretty chill so far! its been a long week so im glad its Friday

@flowless my day's going well! I plan on reading and watching a ton of movies this weekend, and I'm really excited

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