Inktober day 3 

I am extremely still getting used to this pen but I like it a lot. This is for day 3 "bait"

Inktober day 4, "freeze" 

One lazy day 4, as promised

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day 18, "misfit". Not really happy with it but at least it's done

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october and inktober may be over but did you think that meant this thread would be? haha, of course not! im gonna do a bunch of old prompts just because I can

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extended inktober day 34, "gigantic"

It's a big mystery tree! Maybe you shouldn't get too close to those but then again you can't just leave them be can you

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@kioskwitch love this! are you using old prompt lists now or making up your own?


@em thank you! I looked through all the old prompt lists and just chose all the ones I liked, and hoo boy were they better than this year's

@kioskwitch i've been using some of this year's list as writing prompts and that's been fine, but i think that's a different kind of creative process from drawing too

@em I just found this years to be bad for beginners because a lot of them were really specific, like "dragon"

@kioskwitch yeah that makes sense, you essentially have to just draw a dragon then

@em Ive heard of peopel drawing snapdragons and I saw a komodo dragon but yeah its more limiting than inspiring

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