Inktober day 3 

Inktober day 4, "freeze" 

day 8, "frail"

not sure I'm happy with this but oh well

day 9, "swing"

Spent like one third of a cartridge on this

day 18, "misfit". Not really happy with it but at least it's done

october and inktober may be over but did you think that meant this thread would be? haha, of course not! im gonna do a bunch of old prompts just because I can

extended inktober day 34, "gigantic"

It's a big mystery tree! Maybe you shouldn't get too close to those but then again you can't just leave them be can you


extended inktober day day 36, "box"

it's quick and lazy but I kinda like it

extended inktober, "tranquil"

I don't like this so I'm posting it before I ruin it more

do I know what this is? no
did I scrap my plan and improvise halfway through? yes

@kioskwitch I adore pretty much all of these but this one might be my favourite

@sousaphone thank you! Im very excited about cats these days thats why

@kioskwitch @jake (I forgot to include my own thoughts! This is super cute and I love it when cats peek out of boxes <3)

@kioskwitch Little mans said "Fuck Schrodinger, I'm Free."

@checkervest Im glad! I like the idea but it just became kinda tedious, but hey its basically the line control exercise again so thats good

@checkervest thank you so much! Honestly I'm pretty happy with it too

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