Everyone who wants to, post voice I'm so curious

@kioskwitch i will! if there's a good site for recording/sharing without making an acct

@velexiraptor theres vocaroo which is useful I think? I couldnt get it to unblock a plugin so i uploaded a recording from my phone to drive

@kioskwitch @velexiraptor Vocaroo is good, also many instances, like Radtown, allow you to upload audio directly if you're on the website!

@velexiraptor just ramble some nonsense like I did, its great

@kioskwitch shit i should've just eaten chips into the mic for a whole minute

@velexiraptor @kioskwitch your voice sounds exactly like you, it's very cool and good 🙂

@velexiraptor ::still has that pokemon generator post in the background, forgot about the date, expecting that::

::hits play::

.......well THAT was certainly a change in atmosphere

(but also a pokemon concept)
(normal type, probably)

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