im looking at funny images I saved in the last 2 years and trying not to giggle because my door is open and my roommate is sleeping

im doing that thing that apparently concerns my friends where i giggle so hard that it sounds like im suffocating

this was either posted by or made for them, either way

@Aleums im person on the phone, in a car

@kioskwitch @Aleums @setup oh wait those are two different people, his shirt matches her pants

i guess i'm tennis keyboard

@grant @kioskwitch @Aleums @setup I’m this lunatic endangering the lives of his friends and everyone on the road

@Aleums @kioskwitch @setup Oh I'm definitely that girl that decided to take a keyboard to her tennis practice, because, y'know, I'm young and connected and all that crap

(also I adore her style tbh)

@kioskwitch All 6'6" of Dr. Pepper Netflix guy in a cold sweat over thicc Sprite

@kioskwitch Why would one ride around with a keyboard like this 😄


@kioskwitch Look at this absolute villain. This woman, out moving freely and confidently! And smoking! Catastrophically inconveniencing men! A delightful menace to the patriarchy.

@kioskwitch every time I see that cartoon I swear the dude looks like David Mitchell the actor

@kioskwitch I can't find the whole comic anywhere but Kate Beaton's take on this image delights me every damn time

Shitpost: dinosaur, centipede 

Velocipeding, done right:

@kioskwitch Ah yes. I, too, when my friends have been poisoned by an acid, just drop sodium hydroxide right into their veins.


@ben @kioskwitch The flash content you can view is not the real flash content

@kioskwitch he would shout "You are trying to view Flash content" ?

@kioskwitch hello, this post appears on my timeline. I know a little about Japan old times, and I know about Flash proprietary software, and your post made me laugh. Thank you, you made my day.

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