im looking at funny images I saved in the last 2 years and trying not to giggle because my door is open and my roommate is sleeping

im doing that thing that apparently concerns my friends where i giggle so hard that it sounds like im suffocating

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@kioskwitch @Aleums @setup oh wait those are two different people, his shirt matches her pants

i guess i'm tennis keyboard

@Aleums @kioskwitch @setup Oh I'm definitely that girl that decided to take a keyboard to her tennis practice, because, y'know, I'm young and connected and all that crap

(also I adore her style tbh)

@kioskwitch All 6'6" of Dr. Pepper Netflix guy in a cold sweat over thicc Sprite

@kioskwitch Why would one ride around with a keyboard like this 😄


@kioskwitch Look at this absolute villain. This woman, out moving freely and confidently! And smoking! Catastrophically inconveniencing men! A delightful menace to the patriarchy.

@kioskwitch every time I see that cartoon I swear the dude looks like David Mitchell the actor

@kioskwitch I can't find the whole comic anywhere but Kate Beaton's take on this image delights me every damn time

Shitpost: dinosaur, centipede 

Velocipeding, done right:

@kioskwitch Ah yes. I, too, when my friends have been poisoned by an acid, just drop sodium hydroxide right into their veins.


These are great images. Also, that's basil, but I feel like I ought to call it spinch from now on.

@ben @kioskwitch The flash content you can view is not the real flash content

@kioskwitch nowadays this practice has fallen out of practice, but especially amongst older, more established company personnel in Japan, they do occasionally yell "no flash plugin installed" to each other as a form of greeting during important business meetings, as a way of honouring tradition.

@kioskwitch he would shout "You are trying to view Flash content" ?

@kioskwitch hello, this post appears on my timeline. I know a little about Japan old times, and I know about Flash proprietary software, and your post made me laugh. Thank you, you made my day.

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