I looked up the Florence Pugh movie "Lady Macbeth" and there is an actor in it called Cosmo Jarvis, there is a real person called Cosmo Jarvis running around on this Earth right now

Please can we talk about Cosmo Jarvis

@kioskwitch lmfao, I'm off to see who Cosmo was. also, have you watched that movie? it's good!

@WoozleWuzzle I haven't but I want to, but I also kinda wanna wait until I feel better because it seems like a lot

@kioskwitch yeah, I don't remember it well enough but I think you're right. worth waiting for :)

@WoozleWuzzle I have made been making some terrible "haha I'm sure it'll be fine" choices as to what movies I should watch recently and it has not worked out well at all

@kioskwitch uff yeah, that's not good. things will always be there waiting for you in a better moment

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