oh my god remember Nicolaj Coster Waldau assassin movie

I think I might watch this today, its cheap and likely not a disappointment

food, caps 

food, caps 

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food, caps 

personal shopper 

@checkervest it looks so .. well not fun but like, movie-fun you know? And it had so many actors!! Gyllenhaal! Mia Goth! And more!

personal shopper 

did anyone in the world watch Everest, because it seems very entertaining for two hours and I like all the people in it

@checkervest uugh I still have a bluray of Personal Shopper, and somehow its just been on my shelf for like a year now

@checkervest yeah she and Pattinson are just having the time of their lives now and its very nice to see

@checkervest and hey its about how scary the ocean is so it will at least be effective

@checkervest I dont think Ive seen her in anything good but I feel like she is really good in actual roles

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