The entirety of TFA (which I even like) is just. Thing happens. Other thing happens. They get chased. They get chased again. Oh whoops there's 40 minutes left let's blow up Starkiller base

@wintgenstein he's a good director I think but he shouldn't have any control over major writing elements

JJ is a pretty good director and such a godawful writer why do they still let him do this. Please, it's ok, let someone else do that

@wintgenstein if they don't want me to expect the worst they shouldn't have hired JJ Abrams and the guy who wrote Batman v Superman to write it!

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Food + 

@sousaphone I take it back your University is not ugly after all

@wintgenstein I'm also scared they'll fuck up the entire point of 8, which is very likely

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@kioskwitch me going out of the last Jedi 2 years ago: no fear
me entering the theatre for episode ix knowing Disney might cave to the chud s and give kylo ren a redemption arc: one fear

@checkervest yeah! I think we should all get a good weekend because this week has been long and a lot

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@wintgenstein the fact that there's still a very real chance they'll do it is not encouraging

@checkervest oh nice that sounds fun!
My day has not been anything yet but I slept pretty well and I'm hopeful it will all be good and fine

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i haven't seen voyager yet but i bet i'll have some great thoughts when i do

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There's this giant metal ball on our university campus and somebody gave it eyes

Googly EC in picture

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bro you just posted sincerity. you are going to gain meaningful interaction

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Good morning!! It’s been a long week but we made it through to Friday, good job everyone

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