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Ok no that's not true I'm too sad for that but I'm extremely thrilled in theory and know that I will enjoy the coming season greatly

ffxiv, kinda horny 

anyway I ordered the shoes with the pink dinosaurs riding skateboards and I've decided they have to last me at least four years

Alright, I stopped watching because @kioskwitch hasn't seen it either and this seems like a good candidate for movie night

The things I do out of my boundless sisterly love...

IT (2017) live thread 

All the train stations on my way are in a competition to decide what the saddest train station is

Oh shit I think Midsommar should be out here by now

your shitty dad isn't supportive of you as trans or you in general? fuck him. i'm your dad now. c'mon champ lets go do donuts in your mom's van in the applebee's parking lot

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