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snapcube pronouncing ghosts like josts is endlessly funny, to me

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*lou bega voice*
Three four five
That’s the number of guys
That sell burgers and fries

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*on tour with lou bega and the person who predicted sikh male headwear*

a little bit of monica here i am
a little bit of Erica on the road again
a little bit of Rita here i am
a little bit of Tina up on the stage
a little bit of Sandra here i go
a little bit of Mary playin star again
a little bit of Jessica there i go
a little bit of you makes turban sage.

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If I were going to make a news paper about the The Snake Post Office, I would call it The Snake Post Office Post.
The place where I write it, would be called The Snake Post Office Post Office.
If that workspace had a cubbyhole to store completed issues, you might call that The Snake Post Office Post Office Orifice.
Tricking people into retrieving copies from the cubby would be The Snake Post Office Post Office Orifice Artifice.

Good morning, the cats are wrestling on my legs, can you go wrestle somewhere else cats

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I like the idea of a little goblin scurrying through an alley at night looking for sleep to steal

i need to go to sleep and scrounge every bit of rest I can find

imagine how much storage space for one person's 3 years of food you would need

whats really weird to me about The Terror is how they just had.. so much food? They say they have food for 3 years, 5 with strict rationing, for a whole ship? thats amazing

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reading capital over here tryin to figure out how come shit cost money

"why am I so cold" I ask, in a room where the heat is not on, after drinking cold tea

and so is The Mummy with Brendan Fraser, also hell yes

Pride and Prejudice is on prime, hell yes

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