maybe a calming and optimistic thought regarding meta on masto 


No one is saying M4All is more important than climate change, justice reform, citizens united etc. What we ARE saying is sick people cant get into the streets, sick people can’t unionize, sick parents can’t fight to live AND fight for their childrens´ futures. How do you organize when you’re on chemo, trying to keep your job, fighting medical bankruptcy, possibly while also raising a family?

man the kraft dinner discourse today is INTENSE

very bad do not open 

introducing eccoterrorism, it’s like regular terrorism but with a fuckload more dolphins and dolphin imagery

gay Ronald Reagan: "Mr. Gorbachev, stretch out these walls"

yakuza tootin 

For those of you interested in my birb posting, this lil guy is the Resplendent Quetzal, an important symbol in many South American cultures throughout history. Their feathers were thought to be the symbols of the Aztecs' gods, and they were highly revered birds.

They don't do well in captivity, and honestly after seeing photos of them in flight, it makes it so easy to imagine why so many cultures believes in flying feathered serpents.

riding the bus past a vape shop with a sign in comic sans

WARNING: Controversial Opinion!!!!! 

asking to visit a friend with the explicit intent of wanting to see their dog and not them

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