If anyone has a PlayStation 3 or 4. And is stressed

Get the game Flower

Has literally cut me out of panic attacks before.

You just play as the wind, collecting flower petals.

White people.

Especially in Indiana.

Wanna help? Put pressure on Indy's mayor to not let these cops BACK on the force after the incident in this article.

They're currently off patrol, but if we keep pressuring.....

I mean, it's been working in other places.



Who would have ever guessed that the creator of CrossFit, the whitest fucking thing ever, would have made a racist joke during this time.


I'm just so shocked.

Who could have seen this coming.

Death details 

"committed suicide" with a bag filled with 60 lbs of rocks strapped to.his chest


After being seen with a bunch of white frat boys.

No murder here

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A black student that I knew at Indiana University "committed suicide" after being missing and found in a place that made no sense 5 year ago.

With everything going on, people are pushing to reopen the case. Because it was NOT suicide.


I love my cat. He's so smart

1) he knows he isn't allowed to physically play with me unless I have something covering my hands and I gesture JUST RIGHT at him.

2) he also knows he's never allowed to use his claws on me

3) he stops when I clear my throat.

So, he is only biting my hand and hugging me close, not using his claws at all. And only biting where the glove is. He knows the rules.

I just appreciate that my cat respects me and has learned my boundaries.

If you are arrested while protesting, here is a thread of lawyers willing to help pro bono


Not only did Daniel Radcliffe Tell jk Rowling off.... He also said your queer headcanons are right

I aided in my first crime when I was 3 weeks old.

When my brother stole from Disney World and hid it under me in the stroller

kinda feel like reading more fanfic on stream

SHould I read more unsalvagable shit?

or maybe some actually good stuff?

more of my stuff?

let me know?

idk if this has been spread around here yet, but here is a list of goth/punk brands owned by black people!


Really really want to remind everyone that DMing someone to tell them that "maybe it's all in your head, you know, because you have so much going on" followed by "well, I mean, you shouldn't have pissed off the person stalking you for the last 6 months, you should know better, maybe it's your fault"

it is a bad fucking look.

Cishet white men with no fucking forethought before they get the FUCKING GALL the open their mouths

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I miss used book stores. Took a walk today and passed a few that were only doing socially distant pickup. Want to just walk through some stacks looking for forgotten yellowed copies of fantasy books that have been out of print since 1993.

I'm getting fucking prothesis in my back this week

Let me live

If you are screenshotting and sending my posts to anyone, let me know

Please :)

If you see that anyone you follow is a mutual with the person stalking me, let me know.

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Friends on the streets, please remember to self-quarantine after you protest.

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imaginary numbers? bitch, all numbers are imaginary

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Maybe if Wittgenstein had ever read a single book in his life he'd agree with me, a person who has skimmed several wikipedia articles.

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