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introductions bc i don't think?? i ever did one before 

yo what's up i'm tristan. i am trying my best.

i really like mushrooms and also onions and you know, other things like that such as snails and moss and homemade pickles and frogs.

i live in the pnw and i make props and stuff for a living. i have(1) cat and (1) partner.

i'd list some of my favorite books/movies/video games but idk which ones are embarrassing to like at this point so u can unlock that lore piece by piece as we socialize

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cw info 

hey quick heads up for new followers; i'm adhd af and it makes me bad at remembering to cw things. i'm slowly improving, and i do cw explicit stuff (lewd, gore) and any abuse/assualt ments, but i may forget other stuff. i understand that this is not compatible w/ some people's needs so i won't be offended if u 1) request a cw for smthn, or 2) block/unfollow. stay safe!


CW Meta 

Seeing another thread about how racism needs to be CW’d because people want to deal with it on their own terms, when they have the energy for it.

Of course, you realize that black people don’t have that choice, right? Which has been the whole point of this discourse from the beginning: White people saying I want to select when and how I take up the heavy mental load of racism, and black people *repeatedly* pointing out what a privileged position that is.

So I implore other white folks to *stop* making these threads, and instead *listen* to what the black people in this space are saying.

consider: instead of making neural nets, you could make super simple chat clients not take up an entire gigabyte of ram

hrt, alc, revealing weaknesses 

I Am Also Flammable During This Time

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hrt, alc 

also it is feels really cold and slippery on my skin which nice but i *do* smell like a way too strong cocktail for a minute or two afterwords

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like i mean probably this is why the pump is way cheaper than the packets but like. yeah it feels so funny and weird to just be like "okay two pumps!! two very definitely precise pumps of this bottle on my skin"

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the gel is great but god it feels wildly imprecise lmao

very important and scientific poll

Users of the fediverse make it very hard for black people to exist, much less THRIVE, in this social network.

So, so, so, so many of you will be loud and vocal about black death and silent about the abuses experienced by black lives.

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music so good you gotta walk in circles about it

i want to smell like someone whos got their life together

a yell, food ment, lewd 

i also own multiple vibes and can make killer baked mac n cheese so like. watch yourself honestly

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a yell, food ment 

"my girlfriend always orders a salad and then eats my fries waaah" bro i have to warn you you are running an extremely high risk of having me come into the restaurant where you are eating and ordering your gf more fries, you fucking Coward

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a yell, food ment 

*slams fists on table* okay what THE FUCK is with straight guys being mad at their girlfriends for stealing food of their plates

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