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introductions bc i don't think?? i ever did one before 

yo what's up i'm tristan. i am trying my best.

i really like mushrooms and also onions and you know, other things like that such as snails and moss and homemade pickles and frogs.

i live in the pnw and i make props and stuff for a living. i have(1) cat and (1) partner.

i'd list some of my favorite books/movies/video games but idk which ones are embarrassing to like at this point so u can unlock that lore piece by piece as we socialize

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cw info 

hey quick heads up for new followers; i'm adhd af and it makes me bad at remembering to cw things. i'm slowly improving, and i do cw explicit stuff (lewd, gore) and any abuse/assualt ments, but i may forget other stuff. i understand that this is not compatible w/ some people's needs so i won't be offended if u 1) request a cw for smthn, or 2) block/unfollow. stay safe!

George W. Bush murdered millions, but he paints now, so it's impossible to tell whether he's good or bad

did marijuana once and now I'm bi it's great

paints, RANKED:
1. oil. prettiest colors and long work time. plus it feels *squishy*
2. watercolor. pain to work with but it looks pretty. pure pigment is best, tube paints 2nd, dry blocks are awful
3. acrylic. ugly colors and dries too fast. feel plasticy >:[
-other paints that i haven't used and don't know about-
5. gouache. the evilist of all art mediums

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obviously no art medium is superior to another it's all about what you want the end result to look like and what materials you enjoy working with but also, oil IS better than all the other paints


@myconidiosyncrasy 'straight' trans for trans couples are :acab_fire:

gf has a cat named Kitty Cat and it's my new headcannon that it's short for Katherine Catherine

this post brought to you while sitting at a traffic light for 10 minutes waiting for two trains to go by, and being, Amazed

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Alright, I've got an elevator pitch: its about librarians who have a section of the library devoted to eldrtich tomes from beyond space and time.

Think more horror-comedy than horror-adventure or gory mess.

Working title: It Came From The Reference Section

Also, I'm not just a writer, I'm passable at computers wo we could have a self-hosted site.

Let me know if this interests you, artist friends! ^^

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Actually, the Garfield comic is biologically inaccurate, as domestic cat pigment genes do not allow for an orange coat with black stripes.

Even if we allow for Garfield to be a calico, it would beggar the imagination that all of the black patches would be arranged in such a neat and consistent pattern down his back.

if you even know a bit of programming youre a candidate for the fucking wall. id apologize but i do make the fuckin rules and i am not sorry

Want an owl? 

<Opens my trench coat that is entirely lined with birds> hey fellow gays, want an owl? £5.50 each + £3 postage if it's the UK. Perfectly safe to post, and they don't need breathing holes in the package like regular owls.

Email: to order or ask any questions, invoices will be sent via paypal. #art #sewing

owl description in the following toot.

@ducki @myconidiosyncrasy I can draw, I can write, so surely I can ... mmmmake...... comics........ (an autobiography)

big fan of radical left-wing ideologies like "compassion" and "treating people with respect"

make music gayer, this is not a request. You have 15 minutes

like when i say "shedding a single tear as I stand and salute the brave workers in America's strip clubs" i hope that you laugh and go 'me too'

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