i love horror movies i'm so glad it's legal for me to watch them now because i have a partner who can always hold my hand during the scary parts


tangentially related to this i think people who watch a lot of horror movies and "aren't scared by them" are so funny. like what's the point then. you're just watching a movie with a shitty plot and annoying dialogue?? have some fun and cry like a baby with the rest of us

like bruh i can also emotionally disconnect from the media i consume and have a boring time. you're not special

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@myconidiosyncrasy laughing at the plot and dialog?

wanting blood and action scenes?

thinking the villains of the piece have cool aesthetics (e.g. Hellraiser's cenobites) ?

@a_breakin_glass yeah this isn't @'ing ppl who just enjoy horror for other parts of it, more people who emphasize both that they love horror and that they don't find it horrifying

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