broke: trans people (particularly early in their transition) have bad/tacky fashion taste because they haven't "learned how to present" yet
woke: while it's true that trans people's fashion tastes often develop more after they've been transitioning for a while, no fashion is innately bad, it's all about what makes you comfortable
bespoke: looking like a cyber goth gf or a 13 year old skater boy is literally peak fashion and cis ppl are cowards

@myconidiosyncrasy baroque: if ppl are gonna stare anyway may as well give em a damn reason

@envgen @myconidiosyncrasy

This is my entire approach to fashion and something I know a lot of trans people who do the same.
Lots of reasons:
- It can be comforting to think that people stare because of that glitter jacket, not because they're trying to clock you.
- When you look alternative, people actually bother you about your gender less because they automatically read you as 'not one of us'.
- When you look alternative, esp. punk, people assume you might be able to kick their ass.

@envgen @myconidiosyncrasy this right here is why I have what I call a "JoJo Protagonist Look" on standby.

if people are gonna stare, it's gonna be because I look like I'm in the wrong universe.

@envgen @myconidiosyncrasy just so! Though my particular unusual style choice is "vintage femme".

oh boy i have strong opinions about this 


cis people: place a premium on gender conformance, providing a plethora of support for people who are camab to present as boys and people who are cafab to present as girls, but if you in any way want to step outside your assigned role? You're out on your ass, no help at all

also cis people: mock you incessantly for being "weird" or not "passing" as if it's your fault


oh boy i have strong opinions about this 

@julia yah this is why ppl say cis actually acknowledge 4 genders (man, woman, failed man, failed woman). and they lose their mcfreaking minds whenever anyone /they/ categorize as failed man/failed woman not only uses their own label that other people support, but is incredibly happy and comfortable in who they are

oh boy i have strong opinions about this 

@julia "you're /supposed/ to either be an incredibly masculine cis man/incredibly feminine cis woman /or/ sad and miserable while you try and fail to be one of those things. how dare you reject this sensible and logical world view"

Terran horribleness, bigotry, hypocrisy or something, economics 

@julia @myconidiosyncrasy Fuckwads seem to love to hate on people for problems that are /their own making./ This is one example.

Homeless creatures are another example. (There's a post somewhere they goes /there is literally no problem with homeless people that would not be solved by giving them a home/.)

@myconidiosyncrasy i just realized the word is conformity not conformance

@julia lmao i did not notice at all i absolutely accepted it as a real word

@myconidiosyncrasy i have an incredibly, developed sense of style and i CHOOSE to look like skater justin beiber. its just trans culture

@FirstProgenitor [sounds of cis people howling in pain and fury in the background]

@NTResponder pouring one out for you and the like, 6 other sensible cis people. thank u for ur service

@myconidiosyncrasy the truth of bad trans fashion is that every single newly out trans girl will buy a scratchy uncomfortable polyester sundress from the thrift store because it had pretty colors and hate it so much until they learn what clothes are actually comfortable for them

@myconidiosyncrasy @QuakerWanker although these days it's from amazon so you don't have to talk to anyone to buy it....

@QuakerWanker @myconidiosyncrasy i still buy shit like that because it looked pretty in the image used to sell it for cheap on the internet and i can't afford anything actually good

@myconidiosyncrasy Bryce Youngquist theorizes everyone looks like a dipshit in early puberty, and this is not improved by going through it a second time

@myconidiosyncrasy TBH when I was still pretending to be a girl (long story, no I'm not, and yes I AM still trans :p ), I looked like some sort of office girl from the 70s. Best option I could find from a goodwill trip where I was still scared even being in the "womens" section, let alone looking.

TBH if I ever by some major upset -actually- felt that fem I WOULD go full cyberboth gf, it's hot. :p

@myconidiosyncrasy wait, the "looking like a cyber goth gf or a 13 year old skater boy" is a thing people are complaining about!??!?? why

@carcinopithecus not explicitly ...complaining about ? but it is a bit of an inside joke i've seen in the trans community. lots of "oh she's in her 'blue eyeshadow' phase" or "they still think snapbacks are cool", which is like. who cares man, plus "poorly/childishly dressed" trans people are frequently the punchlines of transphobic jokes so it's sorta :/

@myconidiosyncrasy @carcinopithecus As a middle-aged intersex woman, I am deeply offended by anyone insulting blue eyeshadow, which goes excellent with long swishy flannels -Katie

@SquirrelLilly @carcinopithecus when i was like a young teen i had various people quite seriously say stuff to me like "black lipstick doesn't look good on anyone" "blue eyeshadow is ghastly" and at the time i was like "ok i don't get it at all but maybe it's a maturity thing?? maybe you grow out of it". unfortunately, they were all just completely incorrect and caving to weird boring beauty standards with no regard for color theory or people with good taste


I may just look like a middle aged doofus on an electric lonboard

@celesteh i think maybe everyone just looks impossibly cool and also like a complete doofus on an electric longboard. the duality of skaterboys

@myconidiosyncrasy realizing I'm trans because I read this and wanted to be a cyber goth gf

@myconidiosyncrasy invoke: looking like a cyber goth gf and 13 year old skater boy at the same time

@velexiraptor @myconidiosyncrasy evoke: paying a reduced cost and sacrificing my style when it enters the battlefield

@Aleums @velexiraptor provoke: to draw aggro from the enemy, possibly with the goal of applying debuffs

@Aleums @velexiraptor FUCK i didn't notice you were actually keeping these clothing relevant, i should have tried harder with mine

@Aleums @velexiraptor revoke: getting my license to wear skaterboi snapbacks taken away by the fashion police

I mostly just wanna dress myself up in cling-wrap. If fashion doesn't feed my kink, I'm not taking any of it :transgender:

@myconidiosyncrasy what about my fashion sense which is somehow simultaneously chaos hippie and edgy weeb

@loki you are everything 13 year old me wanted to be and i mean that as a very genuine compliment

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