"i swear i'm not creepily faving everything you post, the tls just slow right now"


"i swear i'm not creepily faving everything you post, you're just really fucking relatable"

@myconidiosyncrasy personally when im anxious about this i fave half of the posts, so im not Too Much

@ItsMorgan lmao same. i'll see a post and be like "under normal circumstances i would fave this cause it's really funny but i just faved 6 of their posts in a row so i'm gonna have to pass on this one"

@ItsMorgan @myconidiosyncrasy half the time I feel like this, but half the time I don't care and fav away, so it comes out to 3/4 the felt favs

@myconidiosyncrasy but for real luckily i did manage to barely escape a name that would have saddled me to a much worse childhood

@FirstProgenitor @myconidiosyncrasy true lmao
constantly worrying about doing it myself too, but when someone favs like everything it's always like

"omg are they stalking my profile that's cute 😳"

@myconidiosyncrasy if i consider a post one of my favorite things,, i will favorite it regardless

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