i'm no psychologist but everyone i know is lowkey surpressing the urge to tear up every piece of paperwork in their house and smash most of their electronic devices and run away into the night and the woods for as long as they possibly can and i /do/ think that's a problem


it's all just too much and we all talk about how it's too much, how there's too much going on and we just want a break. but on a fundamental level i don't think any of us are forgiving ourselves for failing to manage it all

we all just want to shut our eyes for a moment or two but everytime we do we fail to complete some other task we desperately needed to finish and we're socially and/or fiscally punished for doing so and we get poorer and more exhausted and it all snowballs and like. we all want to quit but no one else is quitting so we can't

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i never want to read an email again. i just want to go build a hut in the woods and talk to birds. but i can't do that it would be illegal which is pretty cool and definitely the sign of an efficient and healthy society

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@myconidiosyncrasy ugh mood

the only emails i ever want to read are the ones i address to myself

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