trans pol shitpost 

don't make me tap the sign!!

[the sign says "all your internalized sexism, transphobia, binary-normatism and transmisogyny doesn't magically dematerialize in a poof of smoke as soon as you realize you aren't cis"]

trans pol shitpost 

@myconidiosyncrasy it took me a good few months in the beginning of 2018 before it really set in that trans guys were in just as shitty a situation as myself, i’ll be honest

it was just cis disbelief clouding my judgement, though fortunately i kept it to myself

trans pol shitpost 

@pandentia it's complicated tho. in a lot of ways trans guys do have it better than trans femme ppl. but it's still complicated lol. it's not as simple as "being a trans man is easier than other ways people are trans". i think a really core part of the struggle of a *lot* of different genders is being perceived as, at some point in our lives, feminine and subjected to sexism (plus transphobia and homophobia) therein. and that's a struggle almost all trans ppl have in common lol

trans pol/meta 

@pandentia and i'd say that "your transmisogyny doesn't magically disappear once u realize you're trans" is something a lot of afab trans people could probably stand to dwell on more lmao

re: trans pol/meta 

@myconidiosyncrasy for me it was just kinda like "this gendered box cis people put me in has completely fucking traumatized me, i don't understand why anyone could possibly want that"

and i mean, there's a point there, but it isn't about that one specific gender identity

re: trans pol/meta 

@pandentia wow yeah okay that actually makes a lot of sense

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