what's that you say? capitalist propaganda about intellectual property has damaged our understanding of how creativity *literally* works and actively shreds healthy artistic communities by fostering posessiveness and superiority??????? whaaaaaaaat

impovrished artist who makes $35 a month on their art pointing at an impovrished artist who makes $0 a month on art: they have Stolen my art
capitalist pigs who fostered the idea that imitating art is wrong By Causing Anger Through Stealing It Themselves, then profiting off that rage by creating and feeding a system where they can simply buy and own all art, and are too powerful to have to answer for their any random instances of theft: you tell em!!

like dgmw, don't steal from other artists lmao. but also god please have some perspective. you *are* struggling to live because someone steals art and the profits from it, but it's absolutely Not that random indipendant creator who traced ur pose one time lol

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