meme concept: fashion triangle. the 3 points are the three completely opposing fashion/aesthetics that you super vibe with and can never decide on which you prefer

fashion triangle 

here it is. bottom right is a bit eh (i usually do a blazer and a patterned tie w this look but i was too lazy to add those in) but apart from that, behold. the tri-ality of man

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idk if anyone has the energy for like, describe urself style games right now but i'd love to see urs if you do :0 no need to draw lol like, just upload some pics of clothes u like or describe it our whatever

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learning about people's aesthetics is legit so thrilling to me. Tell Us Of Your Conflicting Fashion Ideals

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also lock ur responses/lmk if u don't want them boosted !!

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@myconidiosyncrasy wait i gotta pick three aesthetics??? my usual look is at least twice that many smashed together

silly, incorrect/annoying use of the term hack 

@autistikai hacking hacking by being an ai, incredible power move

re: silly, incorrect/annoying use of the term hack 

@myconidiosyncrasy it's so meta, even this acronym!

@myconidiosyncrasy Inside me, there are three wolves, and they are named "high femme, ridiculous frilly dress and lace and ruffles all over the place", "flannel and big jacket butch" and "what about a suit, though"

@myconidiosyncrasy I've got ideas but i don't know the words for fashions

@myconidiosyncrasy OK I've thought about it and here is my 3. tell me if this is dope

tomboyish dykey/twinky. Sports bra, flannel shirts, tank tops, choker, baggy pants. coloured eyeliner. coloured hair, probably pink. doc marten boots.
cute & femme. floral patterned cute dresses. maybe a heart shaped necklace or something. doc marten boots.
comfy & demure librarian-type. blouse & big sweater. sensible trousers or a medium skirt with dark/black tights. (doc marten boots)

@myconidiosyncrasy mine are, broadly speaking (I couldn’t pick just 3)
- middle-aged stuffy old man professor dude
- awful 90’s generic techbro looks that may or may not work (cargo shorts, polo shirts, black trench coat, wearing a bike helmet while using a kick scooter)
- bright colours fitted jeans gay aesthetics
- cozy neutral colours (flannels, warm sweaters)

I think I have more aesthetics than just these but that’s just a few of them lol

@zenhob @myconidiosyncrasy I can’t guarantee that they’ll all be well-received (the cargo shorts definitely are controversial) but go ahead!

@variance oh yeah i definitely have a shitton of runner ups, these three are just my more reliable faves. also hell yeah these are all so fucking cool. my bottom right definitely leans a lot towards stuff professor at times, it's just perpetually tainted with leftover goth aes

@myconidiosyncrasy the professor thing was something I intentionally devised to make myself look old enough to be a teaching assistant lmao (I was also inspired by one of the scientist dudes from pacific rim lol)

but professor with goth aesthetic is a hell of a Look tbh, and all your aesthetics are rad af

@variance was it burn gorman or charlie day lmao because they were both Serving in that film

@myconidiosyncrasy more burn gorman for the prof aesthetic though charlie day also inspired some of it (and my glasses, incidentally, ahahahaha)

pacific rim 

@variance they're both gr8. personally i thought it was fucking /hilarious/ to see burn gorman in that role bc the last thing i saw him in was torchwood where he's sort of a sexy badboy and the whiplash........ the whiplash between those two characters oh my god. but yeah they're both super cute in pacrim. sorta feel like if you threw all 3 of my aesthetics in a blender you might come out with something pacific-rim-charlie-day adjacent in style??

pacific rim 

@variance something between scrappy-boy, professor, and dumbass goth

pacific rim 

@myconidiosyncrasy hell yeah, that’s an awesome look

pacific rim, gender rambling 

@myconidiosyncrasy yooo same, I also watched torchwood before and I didn’t recognize him at first but realizing that was v funny ahaha, such a contrast

I still want to get a leather jacket at some point because I tried a closet cosplay of pacrim charlie day once and I got p close

(I remember seeing pacific rim when I was early figuring out my gender and it was lowkey my dream to be able to look like them so it was v validating ngl)

@nagaiaida you're totally valid lol. feel free to @ me another time if ever wanna do it

@Amejisuto7 omg i wish i could find you a pair. shorts with chains fuckin rule

fashion triangle 

@myconidiosyncrasy as someone often torn between cyber, goth, and basic bitch Starbucks femme, i love this idea

fashion triangle 

@myconidiosyncrasy i can't draw so it's time to plumb the depths of my outfit photo folders until i obtain the purest forms of goth, cyber, and, wait, was normcore a real thing or what

fashion triangle 

@vyr idk if it is already a thing but it absolutely *should* be a thing

fashion triangle 

@myconidiosyncrasy I like your art and styles

fashion triangle 

@hope aahh ty :blobcatblush: these feel like not-great examples of my art cause i was trying to do them fast lol. but i think they do accurately portray the like, Aesthetics

fashion triangle 

@myconidiosyncrasy I was definitely interpreting them as fast sketches not your polished peak don't worry :)

fashion triangle 

@myconidiosyncrasy I reserve the right to change my mind as baby trans but right now I'm thinking my three are like golden girls, flapper, and tomboy

fashion triangle 

@hope like the golden girl tv show?? cause if so that is a bold asf and very cute look

fashion triangle 

@myconidiosyncrasy I just like looking like a grandma and wearing nice comfy textiles 🤷‍♀️

fashion triangle 

@hope i very sincerely believe grandmas have a lot of the coolest fashion. i think it's probs the result of a combination of: "it's influenced from things that have been out of mainstream fashion for a while so it always looks Bold" and "they're too old to give literally 2 shits what anyone thinks about it"

fashion triangle 

@myconidiosyncrasy my three points are punk weirdo/soft indie girl/edm raver goth

fashion triangle 

@myconidiosyncrasy skate punk / Victorian gentleman / Jimmy Buffett for me

fashion triangle 

@myconidiosyncrasy mine is: dark starry pattern shirt and tight white jeans / flower pattern shirt or vaporwave stuff and blue jeans / green hoodie and black jeans

i have more outfits but these are my day to days

@ben these are super cute but none of them conflict ?? together they demonstrate a perfect and congruent sense of fashion . iconic


imagine the triangle is like. open flannel over sports bra/big hoodie/blazer and button down

@velexiraptor stellar fucking choices. flannel over sports bra is a fucking look 👀

@myconidiosyncrasy My three are
heavy metal aesthetic
fantasy renn faire

And then in the middle is me with an Iron Maiden shirt, flannel and slouch beanie, and Mjolnir pendant

@witchfynder_finder 11/10. legit goals for 14 year old me i think they would probably have taken one look at you and died from coolness exposure

@witchfynder_finder also did *not* mean to sound condescending or insulting. 14 y o me had way better fashion taste than i do now, these looks rule

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