the "give a man a fish/teach a man to fish" phrase concisely summarizes an attitude many americans have towards charity, the core two problems of which being; self reliance *is* the safest way to survive so it's incredibly presumptuous to believe the only reason a man cannot fish for himself is that he hasn't met someone as competent as you. secondly, none of you are trying to proverbially teach people to fish anyway, you're saying they should figure it out on their own. in this essay i will

people really do be out there a) believing that people ask for help when they don't need it, b) believing that helping someone is detrimental, c) believing that abandoning people to the hell of surviving capitalism while underprivileged is "teaching them a lesson", and d), despite all this, still often *only* ever giving charitably in way that actually *is detrimental*

like the core concept of "give a man a fish/teach a man to fish" /is/ good. the idea being give gifts that help sustainably improve a situation, not ones that foster dependency. i just think it's a commonplace attitude to believe in and execute the concept in detrimental ways, as described above

re: Charity and excuses 

@myconidiosyncrasy in retrospect, when I see folks apply it to charity it ends up being "a simple gift won't fix the underlying problem"
But then it becomes an excuse to not help instead of thinking about what WOULD help and doing that instead

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@rockario yeah, agree. i think a real core irony of it is: this attitude is applied to a lot of the impoverished people who live *in* our country, as an excuse not to give help. "we can't let them depend on the system" "if i give them money now they won't learn their lesson". however, when it comes to *international charity* this attitude ~mysteriously~ vanishes and we end up giving things very detrimental to local economies, etc.

uspol, charity, poverty 

@rockario almost like people don't hold these beliefs because they've actually analyzed the situation, rather they're just following along with whatever the rich and powerful, attempting to get people to behave in ways beneficial to themselves, tell the populace is good 🤔

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