how did you people pick your names me personally i did what anyone would do and came up with a 7 area point award system and picked the highest scoring one

it was like.....
-sounds nice [/5]
-cool meaning [/5]
-personal connection [/5]
-typically masculine [/5]
-sounds nice with other names [/3]
-liked it for a long time [/3]

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tristan came in first at 17, beauregard 2nd at 15, and sylvester 3rd at 14. other runner ups were;
-and finally willoughby

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there's a very clear theme here and it's; either 12 year old protagonist of a ya action novel For Boys or once rich now starving poet from the 1800s. the classic transmasc naming categories

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@myconidiosyncrasy I don't really know. It just sort of was there at one point and I tested it out and some people cried and I was like yep ok.

@hope damn i wish i got ppl to cry with my name. that's metal

@myconidiosyncrasy similar here but with more metaphors and less numbers because im bad at math.

@interneteh yeah what they shortened down to was actually another really big factor for me. i saw someone suggest "silver" as a shortening for sylvester and that almost swayed me into choosing that one

@myconidiosyncrasy i just want the name of a victorian lad or prep school asshole 😔

@myconidiosyncrasy I’m laughing bc maxwell was also on my list and it got p far, but since I do physics I realized it might be a bit too on the nose haha

@myconidiosyncrasy james clark maxwell was a physicist who developed equations that form the basis for our current understanding of electromagnetism (they describe how electricity and magnetism are related to each other, eg how you can generate electric current by moving a magnet)

@myconidiosyncrasy yeah he did quite a lot of other stuff. his equations are v well known in physics bc you learn them early in undergrad so there’s mugs with his equations on them and stuff. so I realized that naming myself maxwell would be awkward bc it would be almost akin to naming myself einstein lol

@variance @myconidiosyncrasy nothing wrong with name yourself einstein, fuckit yolo

@variance @myconidiosyncrasy hey there i do quantum physics and engineering for a living and i fucking called myself Delta

@myconidiosyncrasy "classic transmasc naming categories"

Hmm.. I think the classic nonbinary categories are noun, and entirely freshly made name that probably no one has ever been named before

@certifiedperson @myconidiosyncrasy I saw a thing once that said non-binary people pick their favorite three letters of the alphabet, too, which got shared by no less than three non-binary people I know who have three-letter names. :)

@error_1202 Ahaha I was about to be like "I don't think I know any nonbinary folk with three-letter names" and then I realised that half the time I go by Ros and not Rose so......... oops

@myconidiosyncrasy I simply, chose my given name in a different language, since they're both gender neutral. I'm a lazy fuck in all things

@myconidiosyncrasy all of these names are extremely cool as well and I love the system.

I just got the nickname "Sou" at some point from a group of theatre friends, based on a stupid pun and it stuck, also it's really gender neutral and I like it a lot so now I basically use it with everyone

@myconidiosyncrasy pretty much same, plus additional categories "short and easy to spell/works in several languages/no special characters like e. g. umlauts". ditched the idea of a middle name when i changed it legally because i didn't really care about it.

@myconidiosyncrasy for the name I use irl I wrote a script to randomly shuffle and put a list of names against each other tournament-style, only to end up picking the same name I was considering beforehand

@myconidiosyncrasy thanks haha, your strat is p great too tbf

my strat may have been a bit overkill for me but it was kinda nice to help me feel secure in my decision

@variance same. i knew it was over the top but i wanted to /feel/ like i'd really thought it out you know??

@julia oh nice!! i took both my middle names from my favorite uncles

@myconidiosyncrasy OH i should also say about my chosen surname (Elliot). It was my assigned middle name (my dad was a huge fan of the movie ET), and then it was my former chosen first name for a few months before I settled on Julia.

I abandoned middle names altogether bc i was like fuckit.

@julia yeah i do feel like taking 2 middle names was a bit excessive. already got one comment from an id-checker that was like "parents stuck you with two middle names huh :/" an i just had to like, "haha yeah *collar adjust*" my way outta there

@myconidiosyncrasy ah well I'm planning on maybe changing my name again, possibly when my wife and I get properly married, and im gonna pick up a bunch of middle names then so 🤷‍♀️

currently im thinking it could be: Julia Elliot McGuire McAllister Glen Laird Hunter

@myconidiosyncrasy for some reason my parents had a "boy" name and a "girl" name chosen before i was born, so it was a rather obvious choice

@eject i actually did sorta a similar thing a while ago. my parents were gonna name me kay if i was a boy so i went by the more neutral "kai" for a while when i thought i was nb

@myconidiosyncrasy checked the behindthename comment pages of names i liked and chose the one that most people were arguing about its gender

@ItsMorgan god i think i remember you telling me this at some point?? fucking iconic. unbelievably good

@myconidiosyncrasy i talk about it literally all the time im just so happy with it. sadly i dont remember a lot of the other names i was checking

@ItsMorgan it's really fucking good. like it's a great name and also God what a Classic morgan move. i know i already said iconic but it's /iconic/

@myconidiosyncrasy it started out as nerd shit when I joined Telegram, taking 0x52 as the ascii value for capital R and using that.
I started there with a profile picture of a fox, so with input from friends it became f0x52 / friendly fox / f0x
where I still mainly use f0x as a username or f0x52 when that isn't available

fuchsia came much later, as a more feminine version given by a german friend, with fuchs also being German for fox

@myconidiosyncrasy altho other names I considered were like, weird but not unheard of names like Aster or something

@myconidiosyncrasy You've been following me for long enough to know this anyway, but its literally just I come up with an idea and stick with it for as long as it fits.

Hell, my current name, Xandra, is just a feminization/shortening of my irl legal name.

I like you're method better. Very thorough.

@xandra xandra is such a cool fucking name honestly. as soon as you came out i lost my shit

@xandra @myconidiosyncrasy you know, everyone i show this picture to focuses on "ham" and not "i can't be jess because i love peanut butter"

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