some overlooked human emotions:
-wamt fruit Now
-the way irish music sounds
-the guilt of leaving a mess you intend to clean up later only to return and find someone else has done it
-Do Not want to leave warm water
-eating toast
-the relief of turning the last night off at night and finally being in darkness

-looking around at a place you just tidied
-watching a movie u haven't seen in a long time and forgot how much u liked
-omg i drew that [x] Just Right
-fried onion smell
-remembering a vacation u really enjoyed
-fucking finally figured out the name of the song that's been stuck in ur head for 3 weeks

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@myconidiosyncrasy these are all definitely emotions I've experienced

@myconidiosyncrasy "the way Irish music sounds" is like the background emotion that's always there in my heart but I sometimes forget. I got that mountain sadness

@myconidiosyncrasy Might I suggest:
-being in the woods
-stopping off in the middle of a long road trip to eat
-being next to a body of water that you can't see the other side of

@witchfynder_finder -making a list post format and having people continue it in the replies

"-the guilt of leaving a mess you intend to clean up later only to return and find someone else has done it"
this one is TOO DAMN REAL. you say to yourself "ok I'll clean that up when I have the energy" and then like it leaves your mind, and you hear somebody in the kitchen and are like FUCK I was supposed to clean that 3 hours ago and now they've done it and I feel bad

@CornishRepublicanArmy @myconidiosyncrasy the depression of leaving a small mess you intend to clean up and somebody else puts more mess on top of it

@myconidiosyncrasy @CornishRepublicanArmy my executives function perfectly adequately when im alone for a week

just today i put together the piano, mounted the tv, unpacked the entire living room! the new apartment is slowly becoming a home!

because ive had a week alone. everyone is coming back on tuesday and its all gonna go to shit again and thats, uh, fine. im fine with that. yeah. haha im not crying youre crying.

@bobbybobson4888 @myconidiosyncrasy @CornishRepublicanArmy yeah what the hell is up with that? why is it SO much easier to get Actual Real Shit Done when there aint nobody around

@purple @myconidiosyncrasy @CornishRepublicanArmy

basically that during my good weeks i can just barely keep up with them, sometimes i even start to make progress on cleaning up the place. but then a bad week rolls around. i can manage myself during that time, mainly by minimizing my activity so i don't have as much to clean up later. problem is that im the only one that slows down.

also people are just exhausting as fuck and i cant deal with them (like 60% of the reason that my sleep is how it is)

@myconidiosyncrasy guess im a cat because i fUCKING hate water

also the meowing. thats another reason i guess im a cat.

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