some overlooked human emotions:
-wamt fruit Now
-the way irish music sounds
-the guilt of leaving a mess you intend to clean up later only to return and find someone else has done it
-Do Not want to leave warm water
-eating toast
-the relief of turning the last night off at night and finally being in darkness


-looking around at a place you just tidied
-watching a movie u haven't seen in a long time and forgot how much u liked
-omg i drew that [x] Just Right
-fried onion smell
-remembering a vacation u really enjoyed
-fucking finally figured out the name of the song that's been stuck in ur head for 3 weeks

@myconidiosyncrasy "the way Irish music sounds" is like the background emotion that's always there in my heart but I sometimes forget. I got that mountain sadness

@myconidiosyncrasy Might I suggest:
-being in the woods
-stopping off in the middle of a long road trip to eat
-being next to a body of water that you can't see the other side of

@witchfynder_finder -making a list post format and having people continue it in the replies

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